Virtues101 – Making Character Education Easy through the Vocabulary of Virtues

If you want your children to become good people, then surround them with the vocabulary of virtues so they can recognize good character when they experience it.  With your guidance, children can understand and recognize virtues such as patience, kindness and honesty just as easily as their ABCs. Even more important, they can come to LOVE these qualities just as much as you do.

To help, we’ve developed a wide range of materials that literally teach the language of virtues right along with the ABCs. Use them in the classroom or at home to create unending opportunities to name, describe and praise the qualities you want them to strengthen as they grow.

We also have games, flags, books, cards and more that either teach the value of virtues or support specific virtues, such as World Citizenship or Appreciation of Diversity. Many of these products are inspired by people like you who send us their hopes and ideas, and we turn them into reality. 

Thank you for visiting this page. Together, we can make Character Development as central to our children’s education as reading and writing .

Our Philosophy: When you teach the language of virtues, you empower your child’s emotional intelligence

Too many people associate “virtues” with prudishness, rigidity and self-sacrifice rather than joy, creativity and community-building. Here at Virtues101, we believe that practicing virtues feels good. In fact, the name of a virtue often tells us just how good it can feel to practice it. The virtue of Joy makes us feel Joyful. Likewise, the virtue of Patience makes us feel Patient; Gratitude makes us feel Grateful; Kindness makes us feel Kind. These emotional responses to virtues feel good. Good character is a gift, not a burden.

Understanding the relationship between the vocabulary of virtues and the language of emotions means that, as children learn to identify, understand and appreciate their character strengths, they also come to understand their emotions – and the emotions of others. This understanding – gained while still young – will serve them well throughout their lives.

How You Can Help

We are always open to ideas for new products. Do you have an idea that would make character education easy? What do you wish you had to help you make teaching character or practicing virtues easier? Please send us your thoughts and tell us know how you are using our products to expand your virtue vocabulary.

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