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Conversation dice
Conversation dice

I remember how hard my parents worked to get us to make polite dinner conversation. Often we would go around the the table and everyone had to share something that happened that day. My older brother would say as little as possible. He wanted to share nothing. My littlest sister had to go last because she would start with ‘First I got up’ and then she would go on and on in painful detail until dinner was over. She did this every time, and the rest of us were required to listen to her.

My mother would have loved using life conversation dice to get a real conversation going. Two dice are tossed. One gives you a question to answer. The other tells you a way in which you must give your answer. This limits those who talk to long and also encourages those who don’t want to talk at all.

Questions include asking the best thing that happened, a thing to be grateful for, an event that was challenging, how another person was helped, what was learned, or something they did that would have made someone else more cheerful. The second dice might require a person to stand up, or whisper, or chant. Or perhaps the second dice will allow them to point to someone else who must then answer. Those not speaking will pay more attention and will probably smile.

Once the conversation is rolling, you have a chance to comment, encourage, and cheer on positive behavior. And isn’t that what good leadership and good parenting is all about?

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