An Opportunity for Giving

I’m also posting today to send a reminder to those who are doing well financially. The Cares Act passed in the US earlier this year allows a special $300 deduction for qualifying donations made in 2020. This means that unlike in previous years, you will not be taxed on up to $300 of your donation. Just remember to keep your receipt/acknowledgement letter in case the IRS asks.

To prevent fraud, make sure your “charity” is eligible as classified by the IRS. The donation has for be made IN 2020, not after the New Year.  You can verify or search for charities near you here.

I thought I’d share this relevant news to the majority of Americans and help the IRS promote this before the year ends.

We wish you a happy holiday season. You may not be having the celebrations you might wish. This is 2020, you probably aren’t. You are probably dealing with other things as well. To represent this year, I’m using a picture is something made from our character building blocks.

We may have to work at it, but we can still rejoice in the blessings we have. I’m writing to encourage you to reach out to someone you care for and remind them that they are important in your life.

Spread the word!  -Dr. Karen Saint Rain


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