Are you Active or just Busy?

To be Active is a virtue. To be Busy is not. What’s the difference? Being busy means that the hours of our days are filled with activity. To be Active means that our days are filled with meaningful activities that we engage in by choice, not by habit.  Paradoxically, we might need to take a little time each day to sit quietly and think about our goals and choices so that when we DO act, we act with intention and vision.
You may have heard about the bottle of rocks, pebbles and sand (if not, click here). It is a reminder to do the important things first, or the little things will fill up the hours, minutes and seconds of our lives.

Knowing what you want to accomplish and being active will renew the energy that simply being busy saps. Just make sure that “enjoy life” is one of the things on your list to accomplish.

Our new Animals Building Character Coloring and Activities Book has finally arrived. In the first page you will meet an Active Ant who Adores Apples. Here’s what we say about being active: “To be Active is to get up and do things other than sitting in front of a computer screen, video game or TV show. It means that you have interests, goals, hobbies, and ways you like to be of service to the world. Being active makes you a more interesting person, and more fun to be around. It also gives you more opportunities to develop all of the other character strengths you will be learning about in this book.”

Animals Building Character Coloring/Activities Book

We hope that you enjoy the little tidbits of wisdom contained in our new coloring book as much as your children do. It never hurts to remind ourselves what is truly important.

Our activities pages include definitions, quotations, mazes, word searches, jokes, songs, and much more. Here is the active ant maze from page 2.

Help the Active Ant find his way to the Apple!

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