A few things we got done this week . . . . in addition to following the news

We are in week two of the new year but it feels like months. Besides keeping up, let me tell you about three things we worked on this week.

We collate and assemble many items. Here’s a shot of our work table right now.

Because last year was so unusual we have an excess of things people usually purchase to give away at events. New pens will be arriving soon so last year’s education pens are a great deal.

Education Flashlight Stylus Pen
Education Flashlight Stylus Pen

A great gift for students or teachers – on sale at half price.

The education flashlight stylus pen has it all – a stylus, a flashlight, a soft rubber grip, rich, metallic-look colors, crisp and durable laser-engraved slogan about spiritual education, smooth twist-action pen, and a price that you can afford.

Barrel says: Spiritual education is the light of the world of humanity – making it a perfect gift for teachers, students, graduates, children’s class teachers, and anyone who likes pens and flashlights (i.e. everyone).

Finally, I want to show off some pictures taken of our handsome young model. I didn’t have to pay to get him to model, but I did give birth to him. Isn’t he cute?



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