Free ‘I Teach Kids Virtues’ Pin with every order this week.

This week we are focusing on the positive impact that our “wearables” collection can have on the world. We produce a wide range of items that allow you to stand up for character education simply by wearing something that presents a positive message.

Buttons are a low-cost way to send a message. Kids wear them on their shirts. Adults pin them to their purse strap, coat, laptop bag or cap, or stick them on a bulletin board. Our buttons send positive messages, and a group of kids wearing the same button shouts loud and clear that “we are united, and we are changing the world!”

temporary tattoo assortment
temporary tattoo assortment

At celebrations you can use temporary tattoos to demonstrate positive thoughts. Kids love Temporary Tattoos almost as much as face painting but they are much faster to apply. Even better, anyone can do it! Unlike many others, these tattoos present positive messages that parents will be happy to have their kids wearing.

All of our tattoos are 1.5×1.5″ and come in stacks of 100 individual tattoos, except for the assortment, which has two of each of our six designs.

Silk scarfs, especially this one, are fun to wear and make great gifts to teachers and parents.

Not everyone looks good in a scarf, but everyone wears t-shirts. Our most popular this year is the No Room in My Heart for Prejudice t-shirt.

Don’t forget to check out our jewelry page. where you will find World Citizen Dog Tags and awareness bracelets, along with our  I Teach Kids Virtues Pin which is currently on sale – And this week, every order also gets a free one.

I teach kids virtues pin
I teach kids virtues pin

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