Gift Certificates + New Customer Coupon = Great Value Christmas Gift

Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate & New Customer Discount

Recently we began offering Gift Certificates. They come in $10, $25 and $50 denominations. When you purchase a gift certificate, you will be asked for the email of the person you wish it sent to on the billing page in checkout. You can also write them a note to include with the gift. Later, when that person comes to the site, they can see the gift certificate both on their account page and the check out page. To use it, all they need to do is click on the coupon. It is that easy.

This is a new feature for us and we want to encourage people to begin using it right away to ensure everything goes smoothly. To encourage you to purchase one, we are also offering all new customers a 15% off their entire order coupon. This coupon will appear in the cart of any new user. That means if you give a gift certificate to someone on your list, they will also get 15% off whatever items they choose.

Our 10% off everything (except gift certificates) is good until the 19th of this month. If you put an item in your cart and then go to the cart, you will see a click-able coupon for 10% off. This is just the way all our coupons and gift certificates will work. Give it a look and maybe let us know what you think.



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