Happy Teacher Appreciation Day from Virtues101

Parents are the first teachers, so start by appreciating all that you to to instill virtues and good character into your children.

Then take a moment to think about all of the teachers in your life – the ones who taught you in school, the ones who taught your children, the ones who didn’t call themselves teachers, but who shared their wisdom and support.

Send them good thoughts and prayers. Is there one that stands out? Have you thanked them? Writing them a thank-you note, even if it is years later, will uplift your spirit and theirs. With the internet, it is easier than ever to track them down.

For the current teachers in your or your children’s lives, we have all sorts of fun things that would make their classrooms more vibrant and more virtues-oriented. Stop by our website and look around. You will love what you see.

Velcro-style tabs allow you to arrange them in any configuration.

ABCs of Virtue Flags are a colorful and educational alternative to the standard classroom “A is for Apple” letter charts.

Animals Building Character Coloring/Activities Book

Our new activities book gives teachers 80 pages of activities for their classes.

And don’t forget the card.

Teacher Appreciation Card

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