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I AM - Affirmations for a New Generation

I’m learning instagram. Virtues101 has an account. Yeah, I know I’m late to the party. I want to tell you I’m new so that you know I’m open to advice and direction.

This week we got in three new children’s books by Elaheh Bos. She is a believer in change, growing children and helping family’s bloom. I’m excited to find out about her and so happy to meet someone else serving families.

I AM - Affirmations for a New Generation
I AM – Affirmations for a New Generation

Let me tell you about her book for of affirmations for children. It is called ‘I am, Affirmations for a new generation’. The first thing you notice is that it is beautifully illustrated. The text rhymes and help children build confidence. Here is an example:

I am unique
in the way I dress,
in my walk,
and how I speak
and what choose
to express.

I am unique,
so I create
my own magic.

Cuddlebunny & Comfort Coins

Finally, let me remind you that Valentine’s Day is coming not too far away and I’ve got a suggestion you might consider instead of a fuzzy animal. The cuddlebunny is designed to teach kids how to regulate their emotions when they are upset, using the four affirmation comfort coins. Check out the information and advice by clicking on the picture below.

Bright light and happiness,

Dr. Karen Saint Rain


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