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Be the sunshine shirt

Sometimes you find inspiration and guidance in the strangest places. This week I was moved and motivated to become a better person while reading the review of a TV show. So I’m thinking about kindness and I’m going to tell you about this TV review and also four products we have that promote kindness.

I finished streaming the comedy out of Canada called Schitt’s Creek. I saw this when it was released, watched the first episode and thought it wasn’t for me. But people kept saying it was good. So I went back and got into it. Although I didn’t care for any of the characters as they were introduced, I became riveted by how nice they were. They were all kinda yukky, but nice. Weird, right? So I finished the series and decided to try to find out what the creators where thinking. What was the motivation?

“Support and love only make people better, healthier, happier, more joyful people.”

The fundamental idea wasn’t to exploit something in society or to make money and be a hit. The purpose of the show is to show that support and love make people better people.

Here is another quote from that same review.

“I hope that it’s the same thing that people will remember the show for, which is just standing for something. Standing for something positive; standing for acceptance; standing for love; standing for the power of empathy and kindness; standing for the transformative effects that opening yourself up and being vulnerable and supported, what that can do to a person.”

Be the sunshine shirt
Be the sunshine shirt

 “When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the sunshine” T-shirt.

Kindness is a popular virtue to talk about these days, with memes and posters and slogans all encouraging us to practice “random acts of kindness” and to be both “human” and “kind.” But explaining what that actually looks like to a child might not be so easy. For example: “I include everyone.” “I share with a kind and generous heart.” “I help out.” “I have fun trying new things.” “I make new friends.” “I spread laughter and joy.” What wonderful things to talk about with your child!

Seize Kindness Button

The Seize your chance to show Kindness button encourages people to shift their attitude towards kindness.  We don’t want to let any of them pass us by. The Seize kindness button is 2 1/4″ diameter. It is one for $2, 10 for $15, or 50 for $50.

Kindness is the magnet of the human heart MAGNET
Kindness is the magnet of the human heart MAGNET

Kindness is the magnet of the human heart refrigerator magnets make an affordable thank-you gift to any individual or group whose actions demonstrate the virtue of kindness. It is also a wonderful reminder that kindness attracts the heart and draws people closer together. This magnet is the same size as our buttons. You can get 1 for $2.75 or 10 for $25.

Kindness thank you card
Kindness thank you card w/envelopes

Finally, I want to mention again that we have kindness cards for you to use in showing appreciation to spread a little love to someone else. This beautiful thank you card says: To Every Human Being Must ye be infinitely Kind.

Order a 1 for $2.50 or 5-pack for $5 for your group or personal use. Each one comes with a matching bright pink envelope.

They are 4.25×6″ to fit an A6 envelope The inside of the card is blank for writing your thank-you note. The full quotation about kindness is on the back.

That’s all for now. May your coming week be full of bright lights and happiness.

Dr. Karen Saint Rain



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