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No Room/World Citizen Yard Sign Cover

The No Room/World citizen yard sign cover will let the world know where you stand! As the world is slowly dividing between those who welcome diversity and those who fear it, it is more important than ever to let people know that you are a safe person who sees all of humanity as one family. Wearing buttons and T-shirts is nice, but a yard sign makes an even bigger statement.

This two-sided fabric banner is designed to either slide over a standard yard sign frame, or hang from a curtain rod in your window. The front is our popular “No Room in my Heart for Prejudice” design, and the back has our equally popular “World Citizen” logo. You can post your yard sign perpendicular to the road so that people can see both sides, depending on their direction, or you can choose one of the messages to face outward.

The cover is designed like a pillowcase. Just slide it over an old yard sign or sign frame, and use a safety pin at the bottom to hold it in place. It also has a gap in the side seams so that you can slide a dowel rod or curtain rod through the top and hang it in your window or carry it like a flag.

The size is 25″ wide by 20″ tall to fit a standard 24″ frame. It is printed on 100D polyester. It is designed for outdoor use, but all colors will fade in the sun eventually. If you are buying a new frame (available at Lowes or other hardware stores) consider buying one with a blank sign in place. This will help keep the design on the back from showing through the design on the front when the sun shines on it.]

Metal frame is not included

Design by Justice St Rain

Weight .3 lbs


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