Stocking Stuffer Collection


Four small gifts with wide appeal at a special price.

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Four small gifts with wide appeal at a special price:

Cuddlebunny’s Comfort Coins help kids develop emotional resilience.

Life Dice is family fun that encourages meaningful conversations around the dinner table.

Color with Character Crayons let kids associate positive qualities with their favorite colors, while also encouraging creativity.

Quintessence Deck of Cards teaches positive social principles while kids play their favorite standard card games.

Click on the links to read detailed descriptions of each one, or visit our Stocking Stuffer page for more small gift ideas.

All four will fit in one large stocking, or split them up for multiple children. Together, they spread the spirit of Christmas all year ’round.

Save 15% when you buy them together.

Weight.7 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3 in


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