Temporary Tattoo Assortment
Temporary Tattoo Assortment
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Temporary Tattoo Assortment

10 temporary tattoo assortment pack

Unlike the ones they get in cereal boxes, or in candy bars, these temporary tattoos present a positive message that parents will be happy to have their kids wearing.


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Temporary tattoo assortment pack of 10

Kids love to decorate themselves with stickers, face paint and temporary tattoos. We offer a small temporary tattoo assortment with positive messages so your kids can satisfy their desire to “dress up” while you can feel comfortable about the signals they are sending.

Our 10-pack includes five different design. Each tattoo is at least  1.5″ or larger.

To apply, just remove the plastic top sheet, place the tattoo on your skin and press against the back of the tattoo with a damp paper towel, sponge, or damp square of toilet paper for 30 seconds, and voíla! A beauty mark with a message!

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