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Virtue Star stickers


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You can use virtue star stickers to encourage good character. Educators tell us that it is more effective to give specific praise than general comments like “good job” or “you’re great.”

But remembering specific virtues and rewarding them in a timely fashion can be challenging. These stickers can help. Three sheets of 24 1.6-inch stickers give you 72 colorful stars proclaiming 52 different child-oriented virtues listed in alphabetical order. (Some popular virtues are listed more than once).

Use these to reward positive behavior, to highlight concepts and promote discussion of our God-given qualities. These are all virtues that can be discussed in a school setting or around the dinner table. Parents and teachers from any background will find them helpful.

All of the virtues given are presented in the adjective format, so you can easily make a chart or cards that say “Today I have been …” and add the appropriate sticker.

72 stickers on three pages

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