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The title of this colorful Virtues Alphabet poster is Character Building from A to Z. It is based on our popular Virtues Refrigerator Magnets.  This ABC virtues poster  will help you teach your children virtues and character strengths right along with their ABCs.

Every letter is represented twice – upper and lower case – with a child-appropriate virtue below it.

These virtue ABC’s are beautiful on the wall in your children’s room or a classroom. You can also use it to play a “match” game with the refrigerator magnets. Put the poster on a table or stick it on your refrigerator, and let children match the magnets to the right spot on the poster. It is fun, teaches letter recognition, virtues, and hand/eye coordination.  My grandaughter (3) loved it (see picture).

For a complete list of the meaning of those virtues, you can visit this article. These short definitions are just a starting point. Don’t be shy about using a dictionary to look up longer definitions. It may take some thought to figure out how to describe these virtues in ways that your child can understand. As they grow, your definitions may change. Along the way, both you and they will gain a deeper appreciation for each of these qualities.

11×17″ full-color poster is shipped folded in half.

Weight .02 lbs

1 for $2.50, 10 for $20, with magnets $16.95


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