Welcome Everybody Garden Flag

Welcome Everybody yard flag tells the world that everyone is welcome in your neighborhood.

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Welcome Everybody Garden Flag - Door ($12.95)
Welcome Everybody Garden Flag - Garden ($17.95)

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Welcome Everybody yard flag tells the world that everyone is welcome in your neighborhood. In this world of prejudice and fear, just saying “Welcome!” becomes a source of light and unity. Adding “Everybody” to the message makes these 12×18″ door flags and/or garden flags a powerful statement of inclusiveness, while the pretty design and circle of hearts takes the edge off and touches hearts. Don’t just say ‘welcome’, say ‘welcome everyone. ‘

This was designed for friends who live in up-scale neighborhoods that might resist our larger “No Room for Prejudice” yard sign, but already have lots of smaller garden flags like these on display.

They come in two styles – door and garden. They are both the 12×18″ and printed on two sides, but the door flag is less opaque than the deluxe, so it is better as a door flag, or when used close to a house or fence where it will not be back-lit by the sun.

The garden version is a very thick and soft fabric that won’t let the design on the back interfere with the art on the front. The colors are slightly different too, so look at all of the images before choosing the one you want. The door flag is pictured on the left, and the deluxe garden flag is pictured on the right in both images.

If you are using these in your garden, you will want to buy a garden flag stand. They are available for around $7 in stores like Michaels Crafts, Target, WalMart, and others. I prefer the one-piece I got from Michaels over the ones that come in pieces you can get through Amazon.

If you are hanging it on your door, a plastic coat hanger with ribbon wrapped around it, or a small dowel with cord will work.

Note: by saying “Welcome EveryBODY” instead of “Welcome EveryONE” we are highlighting the fact that, while BODIES may look different, inside we are all ONE.

Weight .3 lbs

Door ($12.95), Garden ($17.95)


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