We wish you many good things for the New Year

I have a whole list of things I wish for you in the new year.

Resiliency – May you keep it together, stay grounded and remember the important things in life.

Flexibility -May you continue to navigate around, over or under the unexpected obstacles.

Positivity – Be a shinning star. If enough of us keep a positive attitude, we can light up the room.

Optimism – Find the silver lining. Often an unwelcome change in plans has some hidden opportunity.

Kindness – Most important when the going gets tough, be kind. Accept yourself and others. We are all doing our best.

Virtues are one the the tools we use to live our best life. I’m going to guess that the past year brought unexpected challenges. I’m going to bet that you had to deal with events that were both unexpected and unwelcome. For so many of us, the last year was not an easy year.

New Year, New Start. May your dreams come true in 2021.

Dr. Karen Saint Rain



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