Virtues Magnet Crossword!

What’s on your refrigerator?

Decorating my refrigerator makes me happy. Sure there is a calendar, reminders and a todo list, but some little decoration is also important to me. So today, while I’m snowed in and trying to think about the outside of the fridge instead of the inside, I’ll tell you about our refrigerator magnets.

Virtue Magnets
ABCs of virtue refrigerator magnets

These refrigerator magnets are a fun way to teach your children the language of virtues.  While younger children can use them to learn their upper and lower case alphabet letters, older children and adults can learn about the virtues that reside within them. Adults can spell out words, endlessly rearranging them to distract themselves from stress eating. After all, who decided that A was for Apple instead of Active, and B was for Ball instead of Brave? We are never too old to be reminded of the importance of being Active, Brave and Creative.

Each 3.5x4cm flexible virtue magnet features a letter and the name of a virtue that starts with it.  We included the upper and lower case form of each letter. That gave us 52 magnets, then we added some extra vowels and punctuation to make it easier to spell words, names and even short sentences.  That gave us sixty magnets in all in two pre-cut 8.5×8 inch sheets of flexible magnet. They are strong enough to stick to your fridge, but still slide around easily to make words. They are not the powerful magnets that can injure babies. Even so, you know your child better than I do. Don’t use them if your child is under 3 or is still chewing on or swallowing inappropriate objects. 

A set of colorful ABS magnets are $14.95.

Not your thing? Let me tell you about three more.

Each of these round magnets are 2 1/4″ in diameter.  Each one is $2.75 or 10 for $25. Or you can have 1 of each for $19.


Every Child is a Brilliant Star Magnet
We R 1 Family Magnet
No room in my heart for Prejudice magnet
Seize Kindness Button
spread the promise of peace button
spread the promise of peace button
unity in diversity button
unity in diversity button
Kindness is the magnet of the human heart MAGNET
Kindness is the magnet of the human heart MAGNET

No matter what you put on your refrigerator this week, let it make you happy and have a great week.

Dr. Karen Saint Rain

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